Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lil' Man

is feeling better. The vet gave us some medication for his tummy. When we got home last night he was all ready for food. (and ate quite a lot!)
He had some good playtime today, and now he's napping away.

My day was good yesterday, and I had enough fun :) I'm still tired, I think allergies...I dunno. I feel a little light-headed. Meh. Might take a pre-work nap.

I ordered myself two purses off The Spotted Cat Co. website. I'm trying to decide if I should email the Animal Rescue Network, but I've used my purse not even a full month (or maybe about a month) and the loops that go around the metal rings (for the handle) are breaking. Basically at the seam, they are coming apart, so one of these days my purse is just going to fall off the rings. I do have a bit of items in it, but my aunt is pretty positive it is a flaw in the making of said purse, not the fact I have crap in my purse. Especially since it's been a short time-frame and is happening on both loops. I'm disappointed, tho, because I really like my purse. She thinks if I find a person that can repair shoes, they might be able to reinforce the loops. It's not something I can sew together.
Buuuut, I'll have two awesomely fun 'cat lady' purses. Win.

Figgy has a new collar, it's black and white striped. He looks like he's going to a fancy dinner or something.


  1. We're glad Figgy is doing better! Paws crossed he'll be fine.

    I think it's always dicey ordering some things on-line, because you can't examine the item for quality of construction. I love my Laurel Burch cat purse (got it last Feb. at the annual cat show here). If the seller is back this winter, maybe I'll pick up another design/fabric and different style, if she has a variety from which to choose.

    I'm looking at The Spotted Cat Company web site and see a TON of bags/totes I'd love to have! Tough choice!

  2. I got 2 of the Laurel Burch bags, one is a crossbody bag with the blue kitties. I got another one with two kitties-one kitty has a floral pattern. I'm excited :)

  3. So glad Figgy is feeling better. :)