Monday, October 10, 2011

Here we go again.

Figgy hasn't eaten all day, he's thrown up a few times (even with the tummy medicine)
So I called the vet, the tech said Amy would like to see him, or I could bring him at 3:30 and a different vet would be available. I suck. I work. I can't take the first half of my shift off because no one is available to work it. I'm likely going to be leaving work early today...I think I have a sinus infection-been sick to my stomach a lot, head hurting, face hurting.

I'm guessing they do not see it life-threatening, I offered to bring him in and said they could keep him overnight (as I wouldn't be off work before the clinic closed.) The tech said to bring him in when the clinic opens tomorrow at 7, and if they end up having to keep him overnight, it would work that day. (ok, thanks.)

Sucks that I do not work a nice 9-5 job, let alone the fact we are very short-staffed for anyone else to do closing shifts.

I'm hoping that when I come home he'll be all bright-eyed and bush-tailed and have eaten something. I gave him a second dose of the stomach stuff, so I can't give him more today. He doesn't seem as bad as Friday/Saturday, but I'm still concerned. I'm just baffled why the stuff worked so great for a full 24 hours+ and now seems to bring him no relief.

He won't even touch the kibble I bought him. (Cordelia, however, would love to eat all of it. >.<)

He was also not eating before I gave him the dewormer. So it's not the deworming medicine.

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