Saturday, October 8, 2011

A break? Never!

I say this in a 'feel sorry for myself' and a jest at the same time. Figgy has not been feeling well. He's had leaky butt-syndrome (what else should I call it?) loose stool, threw up, not playing, etc.
Had Bill call the vet. I just didn't feel up to it this a.m. (woke up too early today, tired.) the vet for the day will give us some different stuff to try, and if he doesn't show improvement, I should get him in Monday. He has eaten a little today (after going all afternoon+ yesterday without being interested in food, then deciding on my part that sparkle balls are really killers)

we had a butt bath today, but he still smells like poo. Poor lil' man. However, he will get a collar today. I might try the blue buffalo wilderness kitten food. (dry) I'll try some canned, but no one in my house seems to think the canned wilderness food is worth eating.

The neighbor might've died from bacterial meningitis.

OR if Petco really does have Nature's Variety, some of that food.

Cat Committee meeting today.

I have a beef.

I got so excited to make my first (harhar) cat call. Well, this person went and talked to a foster volunteer and got a kitten from the person. (The volunteer had a different person fostering this kitten-and I'm not familiar with her and she's not an 'official' HSNEI volunteer) Anyway, the lady was telling me how it was a psycho kitten, a cat from hell. Would run away and hide from her, etc. came with fleas (and likely worms).
Long story short I told her that the kitten was likely not a good fit for her...still needed work being socialized and would need time, and probably another cat to make it feel comfortable.

Lady didn't want 2 cats, I suggested one to her that I thought would be a better fit. She was all for it. She had the 'right' coloring, sounded like a good fit, etc.
Then the question about declawing. I said HSNEI does not declaw cats, periodically we'll have a cat for adoption that is already declawed.
I told her that since this cat is an adult, any vet (good vet) would not recommend declawing.
"Oh? Not even with the laser?"
"No, it's more traumatic for adult cats to be declawed, even with the laser it still causes pain and discomfort."
"Well, I have plans to get all four paws declawed. I have leather furniture, and I can't have a cat scratching it up-just won't do."
"Could you get a scratching post? If a cat has an appropriate place to scratch, they will be less likely to scratch furniture."
"I *suppose* I could."
"I trim my cats' claws and have a couple scratching posts, they've never scratched my couch. Also, nail caps are an option too."

I'll leave off from there-I told her to call and talk to Paula. The thing that pisses me off is that this lady was a vet tech....for someone who has worked with animals before, she sure seemed to be clueless.
Also, this lady is a self-proclaimed dog person. She just can't have a dog due to her work schedule. She seems to want some kind of animal, so she decided it had to be a Calico cat with the 'right markings'. But the thing is, she wants a DOG. She doesn't seem to understand some of the behavioral quirks of a cat and finds it troublesome to deal with.
She wants a cat who is a look pretty and be lovable when SHE wants it to be.
She doesn't have the best interests of the animal in mind, she has what is in the best interests for HERSELF.

It just sucks, because two things happened. First, I was given some words of encouragement by a different foster volunteer and Paula. I feel a bit better, and I have been told I'll 'find my voice.'
Second, the foster volunteer that suggested the kitten (and placed it in someone's home for fostering) is going to give the HSNEI a bad rap for cat adoptions. This person I talked to yesterday is going to take the kitten back today and request her check back.
It's hard enough to adopt out cats! Let alone having to deal with issues of people complaining that they are getting cats with fleas, worms, behavioral issues, etc.


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