Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It happens

that when I was just about ready to drift to sleep the vet called. Ha!

2:30 a.m. Figgy wanted out of the bathroom and some breakfast....he was fine after that. 7 a.m. came and he was wanting to play with his sparkle ball. I said he had to go to the dr. instead. (I'm so mean)

I left him purring.

Anyways, the vet called and asked me some questions about where he came from. I told him the most I knew...farm kitten, pound, had been wormed, etc. but still had worms. Moist food, etc. Robinson said that when he palpitated Figgy he felt that his intestines were 'thick' so basically he has some heavy irritation, which is causing his poo problems (most likely) but they are going to keep him overnight (to observe him more, I guess)...but he understood completely where I was coming from. Wanting to make sure there wasn't anything else (more troublesome) than that.
SO....now to wait, try to rest, and get him sometime tomorrow.

I emailed the Animal Rescue Site and the lady is going to send me another purse! WOW! I'm impressed. Hopefully it will want to last longer...but when my Laurel Burch purses come....I'm going to have way too much fun.

The girls are happy and healthy....Phoebe is such a mama's girl. Cordie had some good pets today (and acted goofy)

I suppose I should try to eat something. I'm going to make myself go to work today. Yupyup.

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  1. Purrs for little Figgy. He looked pretty miserable in yesterday's (?) pic!

    Love, love, love those bags....