Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Just read the Derry from Fuzzy Tails is having some cystitis issues again. Some extra fuzzy purrs and hugs to him and his mom.

First I'll start off with excitement from yesterday.

So, I was doing a college member sign-up (did it a different way than usual) and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Something I knew would be simple, but I felt 'that feeling' creep up on me. Hot, nauseated-asked Barrett to come over. He told me to go to the office...I think I blacked out because I ran into the culligan water container rack. I fell on my butt (yay?) but I couldn't get up. (Bear in mind this is ALL in public).
Barrett got another co-worker to help me into the office, I was sweating everywhere, etc. so panic attack, yes...but what happened wasn't something I'd normally panic about. That's why I wonder if my not feeling well, not eating a lot, and taking medications too close to themselves kinda fucked me up.(anti-depressants and Advil sinus/congestion)
Stomach and head still feel kinda icky today. I just have pet food to do.
Quite a conk on my forehead....oy. I keep forgetting I hurt myself, and touching my bruise hurts like an sob.
I'm still embarrassed tho....I'm not sure how much of it Johanna saw. I don't want her thinking I'll pass out every time something goes wrong. UGH.

Figgy is back! He and the girls are having a grand time chasing each other around the house. I ordered some Nature's Variety lamb and rabbit foods as well as more Ziwipeak lamb. Stick with more food like that (for now) and limit the Fancy Feast. I also ordered a dehydrated pumpkin supplement I can add to their foods....that should help as well.
Just waiting for said pet food to arrive.

I need to call a person in regards to when I can come over and photograph her cat (and outdoor kittens)...woman got a dog and the dog started terrorizing the she wants to get rid of the cat. Kittens are supposedly tame-if so, need to put them on Petfinder.

I was right, Figgy was charming the vet clinic staff. :)

Cordelia spent most of the night and morning in bed with me, I think she knew something was off with me. Nothing is more wonderful than snuggling with my 11 lb beauty queen. She's a great snuggler when she knows I need it.


  1. Well, not good about you passing out, even for a moment or two. Read the fine print on the over-the-counter meds--there's something in some of those cold meds that doesn't mix with antidepressants.

    Good news about Figgy, though.

    Re: Derry -- I came home early because I was worried, of course, and he did pee at 1PM, not huge, but 5 cm by 5 cm around, so an okay size. I spoke to the vet before I left the office, I'll see how things go, if this was a real relapse or if he just wouldn't go upstairs for some reason (he likes privacy and quiet). SOMEONE went after I had posted and just before I left the house, at 6AM. Nicki had gone at 3:40AM, as I was getting up, so I can't say if it was Derry or Nicki at 6AM. Derry, I hope, because it was a nice big clump. (TMI for your other readers. LOL.) Usually I can tell who does what, but not always.

    My emotional roller coaster continues...Time for a drink. :-P

  2. I wish I felt confident enough to have a drink right now! I couldn't fall asleep last night because my head hurt so badly-I feel tonight will be the same...but I feel a bit shaken up still.
    Maybe tomorrow!

    If anyone really, truly, reads this...I've talked about cat poop and barf enough that they should be used to it. ^_^ Hehe!

    I took a prozac today and didn't pass out, but didn't take anything else that might be problematic. Still feel punky tho. Oh well.