Friday, October 21, 2011

Am alive!

cupcakes make everything better!
Just been really busy the last couple days. I had gumption enough to do some re-arranging of a book case and some other things so I now have room for a 4th litter box. Crazy? Sure...but the 'golden rule' that I like to abide by is number of boxes per cat plus one. And with Figgy and his pretty regular bathroom habits-it would be good right now. I'm so tired of having him and Cordie use the smaller sized litter box like, 5 times. Then someone gets dirty and I am perpetually baffled over how they tolerate it. (and I scoop multiple times a day!) So, fail-safe...get another tote.
Then I printed some stuff off for the adoption event-hooray more ink! Anyways, after that I decided to tinker and get my laptop printer-friendly....did so, printed off 2 cat litter coupons and some pictures. Now I have 2 frames to put up on the wall (Mr. Bill will do that, actually) but more pictures of the kitty kids.

Basically the last 2 days I busied myself so much I didn't eat until 1 p.m. and of course all the busy is happening before I go to work.

Last night wasn't too bad...I'm glad it went the way it did.

A friend/co-worker gave me a book. All My Paitents Are Under The Bed-Memoirs of a Cat Doctor by Dr. Louis J. Camuti with Marilyn and Haskel Frankel
So far it is an enjoyable book :)

So, today is my day off, as well as tomorrow (hooray!) I work Sunday, then I'm off til Monday. (Well, those are the hours I took-but I'm wondering if I might have to switch Sunday for a different day)...
anyways, excited for my days to come. (not excited for eye doc) but am excited for Rustic Hollow!
Today is Rochester...going to get some cat litter and eat at Buffalo Wild Wings....fried pickles for me. Yum.

I'm learning that everyone (so far) that is calling me about getting 'rid of their cat' or finding a stray think we have a shelter building. I'm a little sad at how disappointed everyone sounds when I tell them we do not, in fact, have a building they can 'deposit their cat' at.
I hope the person who called me on Tuesday actually took her cat back to the vet. She said that her cat has been peeing everywhere-she was treated last month...but didn't get better. Couldn't handle it anymore. She said that she's seen blood in her urine-I told her that we couldn't talk more about this...that I could only recommend she take the cat back to the vet and get some enzyme cleaner. I'm not going to encourage someone to push off their responsibility to their cat on HSNEI. Use some common sense! See blood? VET. Like that's something normal that should be seen in urine?


  1. Seriously, Some people should not be allowed to have pets. Ever. I can't believe that woman didn't have the sense or humanity to take it to the vet immediately when she saw blood in its urine.

    Have fun in Rochester!

  2. Yes, it's important to follow up on things like that.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max