Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh joy!

Dr. appointment was yesterday...complete physical with the other fun stuff females go through. However, I'm now a little nervous. (tmi part) I guess the strings to my iud are going up inside; so he said it might be more difficult to get it out. I wanted to vomit in my mouth when he said that. It wasn't the most fun thing to get in the first place. Now I wonder if it's migrating or something....he didn't seem too worried about it.
I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for birth control from here on out. I'm not keen on hormones...but getting the iud was almost traumatic in a way. If getting it out proves to be difficult...maybe I should just give up and go back on pills.

Eye doc. was much better...I have ''excellent ocular health" and found some new glasses. They are attractive enough for me to not mind wearing them in public. For me, tho, the majority of the reason I do not wear glasses in public is due to the sunlight and my lack of prescription sunglasses.

Massage today (hooray) and I hear the plumber downstairs.

Bill's dentist appointment was pretty traumatic, he had his tooth pulled-that wasn't very fun. (he had a tooth on the bottom jaw that had been pushed forward in front of two teeth) from here on out is is cavities.

Tomorrow is our trip to Rustic Hollow cat shelter! Woohoo!

So, a wonderful update. Got back from my massage to find out that we have a bad sewer line. For sure digging may start tomorrow (but possibly today). I guess the sewer line is quite old and not thick at all....so waiting to see what will happen. Whether we can run any water right now, I have no idea. We're able to go to mum's for showers...if I bring her hair color :P
Bill said 3 guys said that there shouldn't be issues with sewer gas...that's the only thing I worry about right now-cats. (and where we can take them, since huh...yeah.) supposedly not an issue, tho.

This is a great reason to not own a house, I guess.


  1. I'm having flashes to Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation....Remember the brother-in-law and the sewer gas? LOL. Okay, okay, I hope nothing like that happens at your place. :-)

    A mixed post...Of course your doctor's not concerned about getting the IUD out, he's a man. I'd be freaking, personally. Good luck!

  2. Oh god! I don't want to think about that! :P

    Overall he's a very nice dr....I do, however, remember my reaction to getting the IUD and hoped it wouldn't be the same getting it out. Sigh.

    I banned myself from reading anything about IUDs, removal, migration, embedding, etc.