Thursday, August 4, 2011

Too much excitement

and I'm too doped up on generic Niquil and lack of coffee to enjoy it.

McCheeky was out and eating. I swear the whole family knows that something is up...I'm some kind-hearted but evil cat snatcher. The mother came out from under her car and hissed at me. McCheeky Jr. (boy or girl, not sure..) followed. Esmeralda Jr. also followed. (The tabby kit who looks the most like the mother)...the second black kitten was not in sight.

The mother hissed at me, MCjr came close and would dash away...and close again and dash away. I've built some amount of trust with this cat family. Not enough to garner petting (with other than McCheeky).

McCheeky ate, and I decided 'What the hell...might as well give it a winning try...' and if Barb came by, I didn't want her to think I was slacking off. Last night was a failure in trapping the kitties...I'm frustrated with kitty roulette while I'm sick.

Barb came right after I had set the trap out...I was out talking with her bedecked in my pajama top and blue jeans...(a winning combo). Talked with her about my plans for my old man cat....and then (SNAP!) A mother and kitten were trapped.

A few things...
1. I will like my trap a LOT better. If a door just falls quietly down vs. snapping, there IS less emotional/mental trauma to the kitty. The sound gave me a jolt...I can only imagine what it would seem like to a cat. Mine will have a gravity door. Likely I won't get it by the time I get this family taken care of...but a good investment nonetheless.

2. I found out the vet can terminate a pregnancy in a female cat. Sure...I love kittens, but I'd like to NOT have to deal with this for the rest of the year. And the fact I do not think Esmeralda likens herself to a brood mare. I hate saying it is for the best-but it is for the best...and good to know. She wouldn't be too far along if she is pregnant. I probably sound inhumane for saying this...but if it's early be it. I want this family of cats to have a good life...they shouldn't be subjected to the poor choices of previous people.

3. I'm bittersweet about this whole thing. They are my little 'project' but all projects have a beginning and an end. Granted the whole of the project will not end for a LONG time...but this portion of the project is becoming close to an end. I'm doing my part and I feel great. I'm sad that I've now separated the other two kittens from their mother. I'm sad that I'm pretty sure McCheeky will be put down (but we shall see)...I'm sad that I just took his partner away. I hope he understands that I'm helping her have a better life....and that ultimately will help him have a better life...whichever way it goes.


  1. Good for you! No, I really don't think they understand what we're doing and why, so I can't give hollow comfort there. But you ARE doing the right thing.

    BTW, it's standard to spay moms and abort the babies, at least in the early stages of pregnancy. Probably there's a cut-off time, but I don't know what it is. The alternative is more unwanted kittens that might or might not be pts.

    I'll cross my fingers for the rest of the gang. Does anyone in the area have a feral colony they can relate McCheeky too? Why wouldn't this be TNR--release in their home territory, keep the kittens? Sorry, haven't been keeping up with all the posts.

  2. I have done the same with pregnant cats, taken them in to get spayed. It can be a hard decision but in the long run is usually best. I had 3 show up one time, no way I could have found homes for all the kittens. Who knows what kind of life they would have had. As for McCheeky he may not understand what is happening but most come to understand kindness and love, or so it seems with the strays and ferals I have helped.