Friday, August 5, 2011


McCheeky is no dumb cat.
In fact, he's a very smart cat.
And he only likes ME.
Anyone else....not so much.

Traps will not fool him, no matter how smelly-good the food is.
Bill could not sneak up on him, because even tho he is old, he heard him.

(Seeing my husband crawl with a fish net around my car was pretty entertaining)

Two kittens to go. I'll focus on them now. McCheeky I can keep working on. Kittens are more important.
I just need to figure out when Barb will be home for sure or not...if it would be easier for me to nab them after Monday.

Got a larger carrier...figure it would be good if I had need of transporting multiple kittens or having it as a 'house'.

Working on my pillow beds...had a short nap. All I can do is think about cats and kittens right now. I'm thinking that it would be better served to work on getting McCheeky to trust me more...and then maybe...just maybe...catching him will actually work.

I'll try calling Barb later this afternoon and find out from her if I should wait on the kittens until Tuesday or keep going. I don't have a garage or anything in which to house them.
I'll let her bring the mama cat back here. Might as well...if I can't catch McCheeky...maybe I should just let him live his life how he wants to live it.


  1. Some certainly are too clever to be caught. Good luck with the kittens. And yep, if the mom's spayed, she might as well come back to her home territory, we think.

    Hope all goes well!

  2. Talked with Barb...if I can get the last two on Tuesday or Thurs. she can take them to a vet who will fix them for free. Mama will come back to her McCheeky. :)