Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sniffln' and a snorkn'

I'm not drippy anymore...but I'm a load of congested.
Took some generic niquil last night...stupidly the full dose, and got myself a dose of good night sleep and then some.
Sadly, I must report, the husband is sick. I hardly spend much time with him...and I did tell him not to kiss me...but did he listen? No. Serves him right.

Trying again to trap a kitty person...I did order myself a trap. After looking at Norby's I decided I wanted to order the trap I saw and felt most comfortable with. A Tru-Trap...larger, it has a gravity door and not spring-action. A larger size so that I feel like I'm not punishing the poor kit that would happen to walk in. I know I could get a trap for 49 dollars....I spent 84 on something that I hope to not use too much. I also want to have it so if I do could be used as an introductory tool.

I'm watching Hoarders....and I pretty much feel like my grandpa was one. He loved dumpster diving...he'd collect random things. Coffee cans of nail clippers and tweezers (a coffee can for each)...marbles from spray paint cans.

I would like to announce that Phoebe Layne can play fetch. Seriously. She is simple, but she is very smart....she's simple and smart...or simply smart. She is a cat who enjoys the little things. She's not afraid to fall out of the cat tree...not afraid to speak her mind...and definitely not afraid to cuddle. (boy I love the cuddles)....she's just a breath of fresh air.

Tomorrow the kids will be in for a treat. Freeze dried raw food, some new treats, and some Addiction dry food to try (that is for Cordie...Phoebe doesn't care for dry food...and really the dry is only as a topper for the moist food or in the little 'treat egg' toy.)


  1. The "kids" should love the food and treats. Wish mine would show interest in some decent canned. I could have renovated my bathroom ("slight" exaggeration) with the amount of $$$ I've wasted trying to get them to eat premium canned. Any brand or flavour.

    I think the trap will be a good investment, actually. You'll have to let us know how it goes!

  2. It's always trial and error here :) Addiction canned foods are the only 'gourmet' canned food they like (and sometimes they don't) Prime diet is Fancy Fest....but I can incorporate some freeze dried raw food and Cordie will eat it. Phoebe eats any moist food...not dry. Cordie loves dry, but I don't let her eat it as her primary diet. Tough love!