Monday, August 1, 2011


my nose is now a faucet, my eyes are drippy and nose periodically closes up as tight as someone looks after eating a sour candy.
I'm sick.
(I gather that because of how tired/run-down I feel, the stress I was under during Nordic Fest, and the general sore throat leaving-bringing in sneezing extremes and drippy goodness (along with a little hacking)

So I got into contact with a person who is on the cat committee (she lives about 2 blocks away from me) and she is the main person in the area that traps feral cats. She is going to help me with my kitty brood (I want to get the kittens fixed, hopefully the mama too)...she wanted McCheeky yesterday, but he managed to evade us. (surprisingly)

He can run fast if he feels the need...very frustrating.

He did come back for his breakfast, so he hasn't developed a fear, mistrust, or hate of me for chasing him with a net. I combed his fur a little. He looks handsome-er.

I ultimately had dreams of McCheeky using his massive cheeks to bed the wires of my carrier and thus, escape me and my attempts to get him fixed.

In reality, I did tell Barb that if we did get him to the vet, and if the vet thought it better to put him down, I'll pay for that and cremation. I want him to ultimately be with Bella Mae (whom I have pretty full confidence that they are brother and sister-being both were residing at the creepo-neighbors)...and to end up in a home where someone loves him for his rugged self. He's a special cat. I would not, nor can I, nor will I do that for every stray that crosses my path. McCheeky-like Bella Mae, inspired me to do something more. Plus, he brought his woman and kits to can I not honor him? He's a good man.
Barb and I are not sure if it will be worth taking him to the vet tho...he is old (looking) and he is pretty sick. (upper respiratory stuff...sneezy/snotty nose, etc.) She hopes that we could at least get him in the trap and give him an antibiotic shot.

We did, however, trap one of his kits....and I'm assuming since I have not seen Barb yet, that they did go ahead and fix that kitten. One down, 3 to go (plus mom...but I think she's pregnant).

I'm trying to psych myself up for work...hard to do when you feel like you've been run over and have to blow your nose every 20 seconds or so. (and sneeze, and wish your ears would just pop instead of feeling so painfully full)

I'd love to nap all day...I could use it.

Nordic Fest is a Norwegian festivel that Decorah puts on every year. Brings in actual Norwegians from Norway and everything. People from all over (particularly those who know locals or have family back this direction) come to it. Vendors outside serving Norwegian food, Vesterheim puts on displays, live music in the streets, beer garden in the parking lot behind the CoOp (accompanied with live music) and fireworks. It's actually fun to see the downtown so festive. It does make for a long and busy weekend. I've worked every Nordic Fest Thursday since starting at the CoOp. Last year I missed Friday, Sat, and Sunday...this year I worked a few hours on Friday and full shifts Saturday afternoon/eve and Sunday afternoon/eve.

I'm tuckered out.


  1. Good luck catching McCheeky. Even if you have to put him down at least his final hours would be with some one cares for him and can appreciate him for what he is. Then again he just might have a few good years left.