Monday, July 25, 2011

Queens of the House

My kids have moved up in the world...they have a brand-new condo of sorts.
I had NO part in the deciding this nor the purchase. It was all their father's idea.

They are having a blast with their new abode. Now the bedroom has a cat tree (essentially every room (not the kitchen) has a cat tree. I'm going to attempt to gussy up Bill's dresser tote and hopefully move some stuff around.'s messy. I clean up his area and it stays nice for 2.5 seconds.

I felt better after talking with Scott at the HSNEI event I helped at for a bit. I told him that I feel bad that I can't do more re-fostering...but I don't want to upset the balance I have. Honestly not sure if 3 full-grown kitties would be happy under our roof, etc. He said that it sounds like I'm doing the right thing, and that I've given it a lot of thought. Best to do what is right for my girls than to just foster because I want to (vs. because I can)

My volunteering for a bit on Saturday wasn't necessarily planned, but Julie and Carmen needed help with the tent being put up. The board meeting was short and sweet. I was asked to hold a dog for a bit. I bought Bill and I HSNEI shirts (I already have one, but this is a different color...and I LOVE how it fits a backup shirt for events isn't a bad idea.

I was drenched in sweat. I felt so gross....when I got home I stripped and rinsed off in the shower. I had to pick out different clothes to wear at work.
I'm a farm girl. I'm not afraid of sweat....I dislike, however, sweating such amounts when I've done NOTHING.

Nordic Fest week in Decorah...Thursday-Sunday. I'm trying to psych myself up.
I allowed myself to sleep in this morning...I don't feel super-well-rested...however I do feel less tired than I did the past several days.


  1. That cat tower/condo is great, the boys have condo envy. We can't get anything like that around here unless we ask a mom and pop supply store to order one in and even that's iffy. We used to have a Petcetera that carried cat trees like that, elaborate ones for pretty good prices, but they went out of business years ago, leaving only PetSmart as the large supplier. All the condos they get in are small, about 5 feet high and basically the same. Too bad!

    As for fostering...Tempting as it might be, you're wise to put the needs of your fur family ahead of that, I think. Unless you really knew the foster kitty or kitties would be okay or you could keep them separate if you had to. It's often stressful in multiple cat households, not always in the cats' best interests.

  2. The cat tree that I bought for Bella Mae is about as tall as the top-most box. She had poor coordination so I figured something shorter and more stable would do.
    The girls LOVE it! This one was purchased from Petco. I'm not sure if they have this online at all...I should look.

    That's the other big reason I have to say no...because the other bedroom is the 'office' and that has 2 out of 3 litter boxes in it. The bathroom is so small, a kitten would be fine...but other than that...yeah.

    I'm frustrated because my co-worker didn't read the email I sent him...therefor asked me about his cat again. I'll see what I can come up with via HSNEI...but I do not have a good feeling about it. She's not fixed...and she might go out to a farm.