Tuesday, July 26, 2011


On the Today Show they talked about women choosing to be Child-Free, and debunking the myths of selfishness, etc.

I'm Child-Free and plan to be for quite some time. I do not think I am selfish for choosing that...in fact I think it's more responsible on my part. I do not want to bring in another human and not be able to afford the basic things. I look at it as long-term vs. 'right now'...I have a car that I'm paying on (Bill and I split the payments). I can't afford a house...I think hospital care, emergencies, extra food.
I also think about being a so-called single mother. I say single because Bill is on the road almost every day of the week. I do not want to raise a child alone. I enjoy going to work, I enjoy having somewhat of a quiet life...I'd have to juggle everything by myself. I'm not interested.

I'd rather adopt...when I can afford a house (down payment and all) and when my car is paid off, and when Bill isn't on the road...then I'll think about if I want to be a mother to a human. When that happens, I feel I'd rather adopt than birth my own. This is due to my love of cats and wanting to help them...I'd like to help someone that needs a parent. I still have body-image issues...there are aspects of my genetics I do not want to pass on to a child.

I want to have my career...I want my pet supply store/holistic treatment area....I want to have a cat-house and work with the local HSNEI.
Dreams, goals, aspirations...I don't think I'm selfish for not wanting to give those up.
Rather I think I'm better off for knowing I want to accomplish some things first before putting my life on standstill.

I like kids, but I also like at this point my time with them is as much or little as I want it to be.
I appreciate the good mothers and fathers out there who raise their kids right.

For now I'll let my parenting be directed towards my two girls...my cats.

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