Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspired by a post

on Facebook by a person called 'Backwoods Mom' was a list of advice for teenage girls.

I have a few to add to that.

1. Beauty really is on the inside, you will laugh at me when I say that (we've all been there)...but nothing is more ugly than a physically beautiful person being a real asshole.

2. If the person you think you are in love with has terrible handwriting and cannot spell basic words to save their life. Run. Run very fast.

3. Never let someone who says they love you disrespect, use, and abuse you. Yes, easier said than done-because once you are in the cycle it is hard to break free. Get not let yourself become a shell.

4. If you did let yourself become a shell, it is ok to cry. You might cry after school every day...but know that you WILL get through it. The tears will stop, and you will become a strong and independent woman.

5. You do not have to talk to that ass if you do not want to.

6. It is ok to not make the bed every day, especially when you sleep on top of all the blankets anyway. Just make the blanket you sleep under look nice!

7. Do not be ashamed of your laugh, embrace it. It is unique.

8. Be glad you are a so-called 'nerd'...wouldn't it be boring if you were so-called 'normal?'

9. You can do whatever you set your mind to-if you really want to do it. Stop scaring yourself and try!

10. It's ok to be old enough to want kids and ok to know you aren't ready...even when everyone else is.

11. It's ok to have your cats/dogs as kids. They give you love, they are affordable, and they will not back-talk like teenagers.

12. It's ok to wear underwear that covers your butt. Thongs are overrated.


  1. Thongs are uncomfortable...and not really sanitary. LOL.

    One more to add: If the person you're involved with, or contemplating getting involved with, has initials that spell oh, things like "ERR" and "ICK"...RUN! Seriously. Just don't go there.

    P.S. The word verification is "creep." LOL!