Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh boy.

I had such a weird sleep last night. Then I woke up and found some kitten or two had decided to venture up onto the book case across from the couch. Knocked my poor vine-plant over. I'm going to see if it will sprout roots and then re-pot it. Humbug.

I am also going into work to cover a shift for a certain co-worker...he's been having some neck problems. I'm pretty much the only person that can cover his shift. I did get my massage tho, so that helps...but still...a day off would've been very welcome on my part.

My schedule next week looks to be interesting.

McCheeky had his girlfriend bring her litter to visit me. They didn't stay tho, but I'm wondering if they might be in the other shed. I don't want to peek tho...because I'm afraid if I do they will run off. 2 tabby kits and 2 black kits. Healthy looking and undoubtedly feral.
I'm wishing they'd stick around...then I could trap them and get them fixed (when they are old enough)

Been watching Black Butler on Hulu...(an anime)...and it had the audacity to end on a huge plot climax (for an episode) I had to stay up late to get past that climactic part.

Bill is in ND again.
I found a cute purse (simple, black, small-but large enough for camera and minor essentials) to go with my dress.
New strapless bra (that has straps for versatility)
Cat food for the outdoor kitties
Some basic food for me.

I guess that's it on my part. So much for a 'Wordless Wednesday'


  1. Hmm, you might be doing a little TNR...or maybe through the shelter/rescue group? Will any vets in your area give a good rate? Here vets willing to do it, and for a reasonable fee, seem to be few and far between, at least in urban areas. Good luck with them, I hope the mom brings them back! (It's free food, after all!)

  2. If they are either farm or feral, there are reduced rates...not amazing by any means...but since I volunteer with the Humane Society...hopefully some could be covered by them. :)

    They were back last night when I got home...all 4 accounted for :)