Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th!

For those of you celebrating tomorrow. I, however, will be working at the CoOp. A little extra funds won't make me sad.

So, Thursday night was a blast. I've never been to a concert before (a 'real' one) and this was the BEST I've ever heard out of any so-called concert I've been to. Sound was great, and both Jake and Keith worked the crowd well. I'm very glad my friend invited me to go. :) I did miss the kitty kids tho, that was the hard part about leaving. Thankfully, Bill came home Thursday. He was able to put away the pet food I had ordered and keep the girls company.

I had some drinks Thursday, nothing too exciting. After the concert Amber and I went to a bar and a club...I didn't let loose very much because it was an unfamiliar territory for me, and I figured it would be good if one of us was pretty sober. There were some not very awesome folks who hit on us. A white rapper named Scarecrow was one...and another guy who looked right out of the show Jersey Shore. I was not impressed. :P Sorry, boys!

Friday Amber and I went shopping, I found 2 dressy tanks and a sun dress (which I got many compliments on yesterday) Also stocked up on some cat litter at Petsmart since it was on sale and there is also a rebate.  (25 dollars or over gets you a 25 dollar gift card)

We ate at Hooters...which I will admit wasn't as overtly 'sexual' as I had thought it would be. I'd rather go somewhere like that with Amber first before going with my husband :P Fried Pickles are, seriously, amazing.

Saturday Bill and I went to LaCrosse. I wanted to find a black dress for my friend's bachelorette party....which I was successful in doing. Also a pair of black heels too. Now I just need some kind of purse.
I feel like such a 'hoochie' or something...but it is a nice dress. It's just...tighter than I would normally go for...but I guess I have a hot ass...might as well show it off? Dress was on sale for 29.00, originally over 30 dollars...I think closer to 40. It also has an attractive neckline for my shoulders (broad) and has good straps (I dislike strapless dresses...especially with elastic bands because the band kinda pushes my breasts down moreso...just makes my top area look weird. The neckline also does not accentuate the 'armpit flub'...the halter dress I tried on did.

So....that's my weekend in a nutshell. I AM so glad to be home tho. I had a great time, but it's nice to be home. Spent more money than I really cared to...but I did get items that would be useful (litter, a little black dress, and some dressy shoes....because you never know when you need those things.) I got shirts and a dress I will wear regularly to definitely pay for themselves. So I'll try to not beat myself up over those things.

I also tried on a pair of jeans at the store where I got the tanks and sundress....the size of jeans I normally wear...except that brand (whatever it was) wouldn't even go past my hips. About to the middle of my thighs. Talk about a downer.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

More kitty litter was purchased.

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