Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm turning into a stranger!

What's at the top CordieJoy?
Well, first I got myself kind of obsessed with an anime show on Hulu; I finished it so I can start living again :P

I am getting back into sewing some kitty pillows. I found a cute kitten angel fabric 'scrap' at 'the store that does stuff'. It has made two pillows. I will have to put a patch over an area on each one where it looked like something bled through.

The kittens come here and there; McCheeky has been hanging out more (I think) because of the heat. There is now another cat visiting...who has super long legs. Ok, he's not like huge...but he definitely has long legs.

Work is the same ol' thing, but last night was super busy. I'm glad to have a day off today...my week is a little mixed up because of having to do some different shifts. So the rest of my week will be long and/or busy.

Finally the girls are spreading out with the litter boxes (again) for awhile they were mainly going in ONE...seriously. Do you want to drive me insane? I guess you do!
I will also say, Exquisicat litter from Petsmart-the corn/unscented kind...I like it. It looks like Grapenuts cereal and smells kinda like it too...but does pretty darn good for odor control and good clumping action.

I think I'll sew a little, then go and tidy up the storage unit some more. It's a nice day (temp-wise) I think...so far...and better to do more now before it gets too cold.


  1. Nice to see an update, Josie. Though I've not been in the mood to blog (or even visit) much these days, think it's the summer weather making me want to do other things.

    BTW, there are some advantages to losing your sense of smell...namely not being able to smell the litter boxes. LOL.


  2. LoL! I decided Phoebe thought I didn't need to use the Netipot today. My little measuring spoon was on the floor. I tend to not want to use it once it's been in contact with litter or whatnots. :P Stuffy Josie!