Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm not mad at my co-worker....not at all. She was kind and warned me that someone would be coming in to talk to me about kittens.

It's the person who has the kittens...and the attitude he had. His being upset because the HSNEI doesn't have a building, and we should have a building...we should have one *NOW* so he's not having to deal with kittens.

If he didn't want to deal with them, then he shouldn't have been a good person and taken them in. He said from the looks of what happened, some of the cats in the neighborhood dropped off-likely poisoned....and the mother of said kittens was one of the fallen. (They were in his shed)

By all means...I'm grateful he took them in.
Yes, the HSNEI needs a building, but one thing is we are going back and trying to re-vamp our program so we garner more support.
Two, the building we originally wanted to go with is ultimately, too expensive. It can be added on to in the future.
How do you expect a shelter to just pop up overnight in this economy? People aren't donating as much as they could be...because they can't.
A building is a LOT of money.
Also, the money that will be needed to maintain and basically RUN the shelter, it will be a lot.

It seemed that this person just couldn't grasp the concept that it is not something that can nor will happen overnight. I think he is frustrated that he has (I think 5 or so kittens) in his care now....and no where to go with them.
I feel for him...I want to help more...basically all I can do right now is go and take pictures so they can be listed on Petfinder. No one that fosters atm can take kittens in....and I can't foster because of my lack of room. (Not to say I wouldn't try having one kitten...but I know that I shouldn't)
We need more fosters...we need more fosters willing to take in cats....that's the frustrating part. People are more willing to foster 20 dogs than multiple cats...or even ONE!

Feral cats are a product of inappropriate cat care. It *really* is a community problem, and hardly anyone wants to own up to it. Instead, cat lovers like me, get put into sticky situations where people want to pawn off kittens or their cats because they think that I'm really a Crazy Cat Lady who wants 12+ cats.

For me to be a responsible, I stress responsible, cat owner...3 would be my MAX. 2 is perfect....I have enough money to properly care for, feed, and maintain 2 cats.

Ok, enough ranting.

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