Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thankfully for the kittens

and moi, that a person who works for the Snap program in a neighboring town was able to take the kittens. Otherwise I might've caved in to save (at least) one.
I will say this the nicest way possible, the man I talked to is...interesting. He's very opinionated about something that I do not think he really knows much about. (maybe I'm wrong)

Today I go to the HSNEI's event and board meetings. I'm feeling a bit in a funk. I hurt, my stomach is kinda...icky...and I'm experiencing some discomfort that women find themselves experiencing once a month.

I found out yesterday that I must not have completed a transaction to my savings account (online) so I had 100 dollars more in my checking than I thought I had. That will be handy for my appointments on Monday.

I'm finding myself not sleeping well...maybe some of that is due to my...woman-time. After Bill left for ND I've basically been plagued with un-restful sleep, creepy dreams (bi-sexual cannibal anyone?), and then sleeping in longer than usual.

Monday I'll be going out to supper with a friend. That will be fun.

The kitties are running around, wrestling, and being just...oh so cute. I'm just amazed as to how different they are. Both are torties...Cordie is dark vs. Phoebe is dilute. Cordie is HUGE which now makes me think all cats are normally her size (which Phoebe is likely closer to the norm)...Cordie is VERY smart and does tricks for me when I use the clicker (for treats)...Phoebe has no clue....
Phoebe is talkative, purrs very loudly, and is just so full of mischief and love. Cordie is a little more reserved (now), somewhat cautious, and purrs quietly (but's so cute to see her 'lips' puff out from her purring)
Phoebe is a toy hog...if I try to play with Cordie I have to have them separated by a door...otherwise Phoebe will take over.
Phoebe will come to me when I sing her I guess that's kind of a trick :)
She chews cords. :(

My girls...I love them.

I'm feeling bad, the newest Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul ....reading the stories of kitties passing on. Very hard for me to read them. I might have to discontinue for awhile.

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