Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting the word out...

I've decided to start up a Kitty Kids Kreations page on FB vs. Etsy...this way I do not have to pay a fee and potentially loose money trying to sell something. Frankly, I do find Etsy a little overwhelming...there is so much to choose from! Plus, unless you've been on there for a long period of time, I think one might get lost in the shuffle.

So, if you have FB...please like my page! I'm not going to bed anyone to purchase anything, but if you know someone who wants something more 'green' than what is sold at Petco/Petsmart, etc. pass it on :)

So my dr. clinic called to cancel my appointment. Something came up and my dr. will not be in next Thurs. So much for getting everything done. Poo. But my friend Amber invited me to a concert and I can head to her house sooner. My first concert...ever. Jake Owen and Keith Urban. I'll admit I'm excited.

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