Sunday, May 15, 2011

I try...I really do

and yesterday I was having a pretty darned good day. Then 2 a.m. comes around...Bill is brought home...he's brought home extremely drunk. Like I didn't know if he'd be ok with just me here or if he needed to go to the hospital drunk.
And how would I have gotten him there?

Between his somewhat serious and asinine drunk some water in him, and he eventually crawled his way to the bedroom floor. Then it was sometime around 3:30 or 4 that he almost sat on me? I was sleeping on the couch because I needed to get up early today (so I could get up early tomorrow with more 'ease') and besides that-I work at wakeup time is needed. He seemed a little confused as to why I didn't want him to sleep on the couch...he did get his way into bed.

I did tell him, adamantly...Bella has been put down. I'm not cleaning up anymore puke. So if he makes a mess, he gets to clean it himself.

Gods...I signed up to play nurse after a hernia surgery. NOT because someone either drank way more than 7 or because it probably reacted with his medication.

I'm leaving him to figure out how to get his car back. (it's at his dad's house)...and I'm sure he'll wake up later and feel hunky dory.

The good things that happened yesterday....I got gas at Kwik Star here in town without any sort of issue. The lay-out is terrible, and the last time I got gas here I almost got hit.

Second, the meetings I attended yesterday for the HSNEI were interesting. And I stayed for the board meeting (first time) and actually spoke! Opened my mouth and had words come out. Also found they are making a cat committee-to which I hope I'll be a part of as well.

I also went to see the van we got for transporting animals.

I started off my day on a pretty good note if I do say so. Allergies are buggn' me tho (again)
And I'd like a nap right now!

Was nice to sleep with my girls tho. Phoebe was on the couch with me all night/morning.

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  1. The girls look like they're watching a very good kitty TV channel. :-)

    I'm just going to say hurray for the good things about the day and not even touch the rest. LOL. Hope things are on an even keel today.

    -Kim (Musings on a Small Life...signed in with the cat blog account)