Friday, May 13, 2011

The best part of waking up?

Kitty butt in your face.

Well, in my household.

Day off after day from was a great day for the Co-Op, but member appreciation days also mean slow before that day and slow after (due to the whole we're buying lots of stuff in one shopping trip)
I was on auto-pilot...and to try and think was almost difficult.
I survived, got my beer...only to smack my elbow on the filing cabinet in the office. I bruised it pretty good.

I think I did great without having had my pills for a few days. I'm trying to wean myself a little to make sure I have coverage before I need them refilled again. I was 'cool' :) Go me!

Bill has surgery early Monday a.m. for his hernia. So I'll have to get up super early for some coffee n' stuff.

The kitties have gone stir crazy, but are now mellowed out and having a little nap. Also, the Addiction food I ordered should be coming on all works out great. I'm going to try raw dehydrated food and the flavors of canned food Only Natural Pet had. I hope they like it...the dehydrated food would be super spiffy if they liked it, economical too.

I have to laugh...Bill will have to limit his smoking before his surgery and I'm sure, after. I'm not parents deal with smoking addictions, and I've dealt with it too. I can't say my sinuses won't be happier to not smell smoke on HIM tho.

Crazy...I haven't smoked for 8 months now?

Got to get up early for a meeting at the clinic for the Humane Society...woohoo! Then work. I'm tired thinking about work...I think I'll let myself (try) to have a much-needed nap today.

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