Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So weird to have this be Tuesday. I didn't work yesterday because I switched with a co-worker....this will be an odd week for me. Didn't work Monday....will work Friday. Oy!

Bill's hernia surgery went well, no complications to speak of.

I decided to be crafty yesterday...they look a little...'special' but I think they're kinda cute!

Sir Thomas McCheeky came over for some supper and breakfast this a.m. he actually hissed at me last night-but I'm going to guess it's because I had my hair down. I do look kinda 'witchy'

I have nothing else really...it just feels like a weeeird week. My pet food I ordered for the kitties should be delivered at some point today. Woohoo! I already have something ready to order...I'm kind of a dork...getting excited over ordering pet food?


  1. I'm glad to read the surgery went well. Is Bill at home now? I think most hernia surgeries here in Canada are day surgeries, but don't quote me on that. Gees, even my cousin's breast REMOVAL was day surgery, when she has the second one removed as a precaution. Gotta love our health care....Anyway, I wish Bill a speedy recovery!

    Hopefully Sir Thomas will learn you're *okay*. Food is a great incentive. :-)

  2. Yup, Bill is home. He was pretty good to go after a couple hours. We stayed at the hospital until he urinated. Didn't want to go home and come back if he had any issues. He was able to keep toast down almost right away.

    I'm having a Tuesday Tussle....the girls just got their brushings in and now are attacking each other. :P