Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heat wave...

90 degrees here. I shouldn't complain. Hooray warmth. Seriously tho? I can't stand humidity...and by golly it is humid.
Humidity and I do not get along. We're like...oil and water. My hair poofs, I can't breathe, and I hate how muggy, sticky, and hot I feel.

My bestie came over to Decorah today. I got to have supper with her and her daughter...then helped with Walmart shopping. It makes me thankful I do not have to worry about kids yet...not ready. Kylee is a doll and I love her like she were my own niece...I'm just not ready to do that full time.

McCheeky is hanging around more...laying by the cars and such. The grey/brown tabby whom I want to call McButt or Flash (because he/she is gone in a flash) is actually mellowing out a little..unless it was too warm/humid for said kitty to want to run right away.

Work was ok...glad to be done tho...got tired. I have to go in tomorrow for pet food....but that will only be an hour and a half or so. Not long.

I'm starting to not freak out over the fact Bill spent money on me. (I couldn't help it...looked up how much the pendants were...and they were about 58 a piece.)
My mum asked me if I put a price on love (no)...because I felt I wasn't 'worth' that.
I appreciate this...more than words can say. I can live without blingy things...I do not need all that glitters. It's nice tho, to have something to represent my girls.

Set up an appointment to get my dress altered. Woohoo?

I think that's about it. The kitties are playing...I will take a rinse-off...finish my beer...and watch The Voice :P

Oh yes...I entered the kids into a photo contest for the local HSNEI...I would *love* if one of them made the cut to be in the calendar. I'd buy like...10!

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  1. You sound like me when it comes to humidity though I am not even a fan of dry heat to be honest. But humidity isjust nasty. Hopefully that will get better for you soon. It is the same way here but is supposed to start getting better in the afternoon so hopefully you are the same.

    I think that it is good that the kitties are hanging around - it is probably a combination of mellowing and heat - if they weren't mellowing I am sure heat wouldn't stop them from taking off.

    And the pendant is nice - sometimes you just have to not worry about costs and accept the sweet gesture even if it is tough (been there) to do - I am that way with flowers especially (at least jewelry lasts a while) and I have to remind myself it is the gesture not the item.