Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm a mother of children with four legs. Be two or four legs, may you all have a wonderful Mother's Day! The picture above is one of my Mummy and myself. Not the best picture of us....but she looks nice ^_^

I wasn't expecting as much as I brought me to tears. Cordelia Joy and Phoebe Layne got me a nice card and several chocolate items (bars and lindt balls).
Then a second card from Bella Mae aka Osho...with a money order to be sent to HSNEI as a donation. I emailed the head of the org. and told her if we didn't make enough for the van yesterday (I helped with a fundraiser) that I'd like this to go toward that.
-also someone made a donation of cat toys...Carmen asked me if I'd like them. A couple neat ones that I find entertaining...waiting to see if they do or not. :P

Lastly, Bill put together a birthstone necklace for me. He swears it wasn't too expensive....I was only wishing for a simple card....the donation was amazing...and how the card was written by Bella Mae (I'm sappy)...and I think it awesome he remembered the birth months so well.

Bill got my usherette dress...and thank goodness it fits! I do need it altered, but it should be nowhere near as much as I worried it would be. Might need a little tighter in the chest-it actually has a built-in bra adjuster (unlike my dress from last year) ...length needs to be taken up some.
I think I see what the person means....I'm a perfect size 6, but I think my waist is a size 8. I have a short torso (which messed that measurement up I think) and the fact I have broad shoulders and a broad rib-cage. It's tight around my ribs...otherwise I'm fine....I have to keep reminding myself I can loose inches of fat, but not my ribs!

I think today will be good. Weather is nice, windows open...need to just put some sinus spray up my nose and pop a pill.

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