Friday, April 15, 2011

I've been up way too long

this morning. I didn't plan on getting up so early, but I couldn't sleep very well. Last night my sinuses got a work-out. I had quite a bit of allergy fun even before the cleaning started. Then after the cleaning started? Let's say that I had one of the most oddball reactions. My mouth got itchy. My lips and the area around them started itching like mad.
I let myself have a delicious beer as a post-work treat. I couldn't take any more allergy stuff; I figured I'd fall asleep in some shape or form.
Got an email stating my usherette's dress is in. Joy. Will need to figure out when I can go and get it altered.

Today will be a day to find myself new health insurance and then go to LaCrosse and make my rounds to Petsmart and Petco.
Oh, but first my massage :) Much needed, part of my waking up this a.m. was because of my arm pain. Bleh!

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