Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am alive!

It's been a few days tho. I hate writing when there isn't anything going on...and Monday was messed up a little because I had to get up early for a meeting at work. Later, I had to go to work and Tuesday was another long day...and I keep forgetting that today is a long day too! Thursday as well, and also will be busy because we had friggn' snow yesterday. Yesterday at work was soooo slow....but in a way it was nice because my shoulders have been grumpy. Only not nice thing about yesterday was the fact that I was pelleted in the face by shards if ice or snow/sleet. Not fun! (I walked to work because the roads were really crappy...full of slush n' stuff and no plows a plowen')

This Saturday is the first Saturday I've had off in a month or more (and had it completely off...not off but have to cover for 3 hours off).
Bill and I are probably going to go to Iowa City and visit Leash on Life....I enjoy my adventures in IC...yes I do do do.

The kitties are curled up and ready for some naps, but I know Cordelia really wants to play. So before I do my morning jog (inside) I will run around the house with toys trailing behind me...just for her and Phoebe.

I honestly don't think I could've lucked out any more than I have with Phoebe. It's really a blessing to have her in our home, and I feel very grateful. I've been thinking back on Bella Mae these past few days, and going over my feelings.
I've decided that I feel thankful....and I do have a sense of relief. I feel relief not because I'm not necessarily having to clean up cat puke every day...but relief that Bella isn't in pain anymore. Allowing myself to recognize that I did good with her, but I am still allowed to do good now.
It seems kinda...cheesy...but I feel that Phoebe represents Bella's thankfulness. She's everything that one could want in a kitty...she loves to cuddle, purr, talk...she eats most moist food without any issue (doesn't eat dry)...she lets me brush her teeth with a cotton swab. Lets me trim her claws with little resistance....about everything (I haven't tried a bath yet!) I've wanted in a kitty, she's it. (This isn't saying Cordelia isn't everything to me!)

Other news...I think I'll walk to work again. My hope is that it will warm up enough today (40's) to melt some snow. Or at least clear it off the roads, then I'll move my car to the street. (meh)

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  1. You ARE allowed to feel relief that you don't have to clean up Bella's messes anymore. It doesn't mean you love *her* any less. I miss Annie desperately in so many ways, but of course don't miss the constant stress in the house (between her and the boys), the snarling and p*ssy moods. The boys are much easier to deal with...though yeah, if she could be alive and healthy again I'd have her back in a nanosecond, crabby personality traits and all.

    Of the 4 cats that have been in my life as an adult now, both Chumley and Derry have been/are the easy-going ones, the ones who cause the least problems. Nicki is a sweetie, a real clingy purrbug, but he's also into everything and often drives me nuts. He's a jealous alpha cat and needs a lot of attention.

    So I'm glad you have Phoebe...and I'm glad I have the boys, but especially Derry-bear. :-)