Thursday, April 14, 2011


Draining like a faucet.
So, totally, not fun!

I did get a lot accomplished yesterday; I got a lot of cardboard broken down from the little shed outside the apartment and some cardboard from the storage unit.

Took 3 garbage bags or so of books to Goodwill. I'm not patient enough to work on trying to sell those silly Harlequin or Silhouette books.
Got rid of some stuffed animals too.

Brought pictures home.

It's amazing, even after this long, items that were at the 'stead for a long period of time STILL smell like smoke. I guess that is what you get when you live in a house with a wood furnace. Just my eyes and head feel like I tried to commit murder on them.
Tonight will also be an all-staff meeting and store cleaning extravaganza. This means my allergies will be angry at me 10fold.

Oh joy!

I found a journal I started in ''s pretty amazing to me, because I can see how I was having mental health issues back then. And to read words I wrote while battling my bulimia. Words can't describe all the emotions I feel when looking back on those pages.


  1. Take a good allergy pill before the cleaning tonight! :-)

    Oh, I used to save journals...but rereading them, even my diaries from childhood, was just too awful. I got rid of them all years ago. LOL. My current "happys" journal is more uplifting, for the most part, so I wouldn't mind so much if anyone found and read that. But I seldom put deep, dark thoughts to paper anymore. Heck, they're the same deep, dark thoughts I've had since I was very young, so now that I understand their origins (i.e. the depression) I don't need to put them down. :-P

  2. I have some other journals, but they are in a tote in the storage unit from hell. :P I'll likely destroy them at some point...some journals I'd rather not go back to (like my jr. year in hschool)
    Already took my 24 hour allergy pill, I also put in some sinus spray. I figure better for me to have that stuff going now rather than later. I'll be taking a shower tonight...have a massage tomorrow, so gotta shave my legs! XD