Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today wasn't that bad...

and I'm happy with the decision that was made. I'll still be doing pet food stuff at work, just in a more limited amount. Basically how my job came to be was being asked by a past grocery manager. I have figured it was likely more to save her if the decision to bring pet food back flopped. Also, less work for her if someone else could do it for her. I've been told it is likely that the pet food has managed so well this go-round is because someone who really cares about it is working with it (me).
Yeah, I'll be doing somewhat less, but then it will overall help ease the stress, and eventually I can build up more knowledge without the stress of trying to do so much so soon.

I came home afterward, of course about got my car stuck. Sheepishly backed out and parked on the street. I feel better about that after finding out that the old neighbors of my 'little old lady' neighbor have moved out. Thank god. They were the reason I asked my mum for a baseball bat.
Anyways, last year someone put Vaseline on my door handles; no big deal, but still...what the hell? My LOL neighbor is sure that the son of her previous neighbors likely did it. He keyed her car once.
They are really, lovely people. (sarcasm)

I also found out that she and I think someone else guessed Bella Mae to be the cat of those previous neighbors. One of their cats-perhaps have had 2 at one time-there is a cat running around this area now since they moved out. I'm not sure if I should put food out or no...it's cold out...but the people next to me have a big dog. Nothing pisses me off more than putting food out for one animal and having another get it.
She said that she had seen an orange and white cat around the previous neighbor's house/porch/window...if so..those people should be shot in the places that count.

It makes me angry...it makes me so very, very angry to have an idea of Bella Mae actually having a 'home' and being in the condition she was when I found her. Obviously they didn't give a shit, they left the collar on her that I had Bill purchase. Needless to say, they never came knocking on my door looking for her. I'm sure they were happy she was gone.
According to my LoL neighbor she also said that during the summer, one of their dogs died-got too hot. Another dog had puppies and they had them all in a crate. She didn't dare call the police-they knew it was her, and even if it wasn't, they threatened her.

I'm so thankful they are gone. Yes I am.
And if Bella Mae really did belong to them...their loss and my gain. Even if I gained an old cat who has health problems...she's mine, she's wonderful, and I'm honored to clean up her vomit.
Better for her to live the rest of her life with me and die happy and in comfort than covered in fleas and starving to death.
It just makes me sick. Sick. Sick. Sick.

Look at this face:
I mean, seriously?
You'd treat her like crap because you have no respect for other living creatures and humans alike?

I know there are 'bad' people out there. I know that people think of animals as possessions vs. living things. I know that some people frankly have no respect for human life, life in general, and are just plain...well, mean.

I just have no respect for people like that.
Nope, nada, zip, and zilch.

So, that's my rant of the evening...other than that...my tire tracks have been smoothed down as much as possible. Hoorayish?


  1. It's a good rant, I feel as you do...All of us around the CB do. Personally, I don't have a lot of regard for the human species in general, but that's my own rant. :-)

    I hope today is a good day for you...Sending hugs and Light.

  2. LoL! I have to say the same ;P it would be a long rant, so I'll probably just leave it. Too much energy to type it. Ha!
    Light and hugs to you too!

  3. That was a pretty good rant if you ask me. I totally agree that it is good they are gone, and that they are scum for treating their animals that way. I hate peopel like that.