Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I had happies today...

mainly one big happy. 
A friend of mine (well, I consider him a friend) does chair massage at the Co-Op and for the past month our Wednesdays did not coincide. I worked when he was available, or he worked when I was...simple as that. It's the luck of the draw.
I'm waiting to hear back from my other massage person...then I can treat myself to an hour rather than 15 minutes of massage bliss.
Needless to say, it felt great...and so great that after I hunkered down at home again (after my sandwich and cupcake) I took a nap with Bella Mae. 
(excluding the multiple text messages from Bill that interrupted my napping bliss...I'll forgive him)

I decided to try and leave a little dish of food out-see if this mystery kitteh visits, and if I can even get close to said kitty. I put a rock in the dish, hopefully it will stay put. (and hopes that no doggy comes and steals the food I left) 

So far I'm really enjoying the book: Complete Care For Your Aging Cat-Amy Shojai
Ok, I've read like, 10 pages...but I think it will be helpful for me.

I had to break out a Da Bird refill, Cordelia wasn't interested at all in her one-winged refill that looked like it had seen way better days. One bent, chewed up wing's 'flying' days were definitely over.
Once I replaced the broken 'bird' with a new, more vivacious and robust time commenced! 
It was like she was trying to say 'Like, DUH, really think I'd play with that? It's like, all broken and, I don't care that I did it. I want a new one. I deserve the best!

Bill said the motel they are at is next to a pet store. So he may check it out this weekend.
I'm hoping that I have next Sat. off, Bill said we could go to Northfield store fun and downtown fun. 

Co-worker came over for a haircut this late morning. I really appreciate my friendship with her; she's pretty awesome. She even asked how Bella was doing. I appreciate my friends, especially those who really seem to understand how important my kitties are.

I know I have a ways to go before I'm fully 'normal' it's really nice that when I feel tired enough for a nap, that I can actually NAP. Not lie in agony trying to nap. Especially after having such a good (albeit short) massage...I feel like that's just what I needed to complete that-a nap.


  1. Oooh, a massage...even 15 minutes--sounds divine. I had a half-hour massage once, as a birthday present. Uh, that's 7 years ago now. Our health plan doesn't give us any money for alternate health care--wish it did. I'd love to have a back and shoulder and neck massage every week! :-)

    The boys don't have Da Bird...I keep hearing it's so fabulous, but I wonder if they'd play with it. Derry loves his pipe cleaners and Nicki loves his black mice...pretty inexpensive. LOL.

  2. Bella used to play with the Da Bird, but had problems since she was cross-eyed :P
    Cordelia is such a hunter, she simply loves tearing it to bits! She's huge into the chase, leaping, contorting, etc.

    Whenever I get chair massages, those aren't reimbursed though my HRA or anything; but hour long or however long I want massages that I make an appointment for, and get receipt of payment-they do. :)

  3. When it comes to massages, instead of relaxing I get all tensed up!! hehehe... :)
    I'm sensitive to touch and gets bruises all over! (due to long-term medication!)

    Well, Josie, I'm happy you have happies!

    And, I hope your tooth problem will be resolved soon!!!!! (I still have a few more of problematic teeth to address!! )