Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Past few days

have been interesting.
I'm finding I do sleep better, and when I get up to feed Bella Mae in the wee morning hours; I fall back to sleep easily.
Upon waking up, I still feel...tired...but a bit more alert.

I think the big thing is my mind doesn't race anymore, instead more focus one one thing at a time much better; or give in to my sleepiness and just fall asleep.

I'll admit, I'm wanting today to be over and done with. I've accepted a decision I may have to make-I'm thinking it will likely go that route vs. the alternative. I shall live with it tho, and it will be ok. I'm needed more exclusively in one area than the other right now. I don't want to talk about it much more than that until I know what will actually happen. It's work rather than personal-I have to accept that sometimes you have to let go of something in order to better yourself as a whole. Quit fighting so hard for something that will not be given-stop stressing over it. I can ask and ask, but if I have to keep asking-what's the point?

I will hopefully set up a massage appointment for this week, if not this week-then next. I'm going to enjoy that very much. Moreso because it is going to be reimbursed.
Friday is my dentist exam too....here's to cutting ties with my old dentist!

Ok, so my books didn't come early; they are guesstimated to arrive today. I hope so! I want to read about my aging cat.

We've had a good few hours, no vomiting and her stools are starting to look better as well. Cordelia had some looser stools too, and what I scooped yesterday looked less...loose?
I think the Fancy Feast w/ Cheese...so working on giving her regular pate-styles and she had some raw last night too. I'm thinking one medallion a week as a treat-I gave her one yesterday a.m. and 2 yesterday p.m. and she only ate half the second round. Otherwise the water was too warm and made them too warm. (shrug)

In something completely random...Charlie Sheen is an odd duck. Thank you.

I suppose it's time to crawl out of my jammies and get into 'real clothes'...and then make some waffles. (frozen mind you)


  1. Yes, I found the racing thoughts stopped. I used to call it my hamster-on-a-wheel brain. Endlessly running, but not going anywhere. I'm so glad that has stopped for you, too, and that you are starting to sleep better.

    Lots of (((hugs))) and I'm sending Light for whatever it is you need for this day.

  2. Thank you Kea :) I'll likely update when I get home from work.
    Nice to not have a hamster-on-a-wheeling right now. Amazing to find out how exhausting that aspect made me.