Monday, March 14, 2011

Shaky today...

Fountain in SC-taken in '07
I'm thinking it was a blood sugar drop from my late-morning coffee. Otherwise it's not...because after my tea last night I felt kinda shaky too. (shrug)
Went to bed early....woke up at an 'ok' time...was out of bed before 8 a.m.-give me credit. It would've been 7 a.m. 'old time'.

I started up late, made myself work out...took a shower. Had a call from my front end manager-asked if I could come in late and stay late-she had something come up and needed me to close. That works out ok for me.
More time with CordieJoy.

I've opened blinds in the house (bedroom) and living room. Soon I can start taking plastic off the windows and open them up.

Cordelia just 'hunted' her squirrel...she picked it up by the tail and brought it down from the cat tree. A beanie baby squirrel-she can take it down...imagine what she'd do to a real squirrel.

We had a good brushing time today. Trimmed her claws, she ate. Now she's looking out the window in regal style.

Barrett must've told Heidi and Joh about Bella...they were both kind yesterday. I didn't have to put on a happy face when it was impossible to do so. Talked with mum today...called my dad and Grandma. I may stay around home on Friday. If my mum comes over-perhaps go to the book store and go out to lunch. I at least have my massage tomorrow.

It's weird to sleep all through the night with no early a.m. feedings or barf cleanings.

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  1. Yes, the change in routine can seem odd at first. Don't beat yourself up if you feel, in part, relief.

    As much as I would give to have a *healthy* Annie back with me, alive and well, I certainly don't miss the daily fighting between her and Nicki. Actually, I'm only starting to get used to a calmer household now.

    And Derry still looks for Annie too--will look down the basement steps (because Annie spent so much time hiding away down there while sick the last number of weeks) or look upstairs.

    I miss all the wonderful things about her, but there's no denying that 2 cats instead of 3 saves me about $100 per month, plus the cost of hyper-t meds, etc.

    So don't be surprised if you have mixed feelings to some degree.