Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweet dreams are made of these

taken by Parker Deen '10
who am I to disagree?

Actually...I am me and I disagree. I have not had sweet dreams; frankly my dreams are almost like nightmares. Not spooky-scary, but psychologically upsetting....like getting in trouble at work for things beyond my control-a friend disowning me-my mother saying she won't visit anymore, etc.
Just really emotionally/mentally upsetting crap. All of which aren't at all close to the truth.

I didn't want to get up...but Cordelia helped. I was cold, and I wanted my coffee. It's my early day at work today...may or may not get a massage today. Heard Matt wasn't feeling well. We'll see.

Today is Adopt the Internet Day...but for the sake of my emotional sanity-I'm not going to post a picture to an adoptable pet. I stopped going to petfinder on a weekly basis simply because I would get myself all emotionally stirred up wanting to find a friend for Cordelia, but yet not wanting to upset Bella.

So those who are looking to adopt, please go to petfinder.com (I have a link on the side of my blog even)
Cordelia is a petfinder adoptee, and she is epic.

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  1. I send in a weekly adoptable cat feature to an area paper, so I get to see the waiting kitties at least once a week. Sometimes I make the tour of shelter sites in our area, but not with the intent of adopting again.

    Anyway, here's hoping you have a GREAT day!