Sunday, March 13, 2011

Part 3. -A day to celebrate life and Cordelia Joy

Because of the somber note of the past two posts. I DO want to post about the good things that did happen yesterday.

I drove to Northfield all by myself. It was easy-long tho. Minnesota is a pretty boring drive to be honest.
I battled the Freeway driving and the exit-taking/exit-leaving with ease. I didn't have the feeling of panic I usually get with fast-paced driving. I felt pretty damn good about it. Beatles were playing, I sang along here and there. Bill and I were able to talk, even joke a little.
It was a good drive.

Chuck and Don's is like a Petco/Petsmart chain with more variety. My next goal is to check out the one in Red Wing.
I found some dry food that I wanted to try for Cordelia, and picked up random cans of moist with the hope she would eat them. :P She eats a lot, but she's kinda picky too.
Then a Yeoow! Catnip heart that says: Lick Me Bite Me Bunnykick Me and a little .99 cent eco-friendly material made mouse.

The person who checked out my items remembered me from last time-she actually signed me up for their membership program thingy. I had wanted to the last time-but it wasn't offered. Oh wells.
There was a coupon for some dollars off the dry food. (hooray!)

Then we looked at the downtown of Northfield. It was cold and windy tho, and that sucked ass to be honest.
We went to a bakery and got treats. A Mint/Chocolate brownie for me.
Then we found this neat gift shop-full of metaphysical/spiritual things. Crystals and tumbles, jewelry, little statues, books, etc. I bought some lavender incense and three tumbled stones-Rainbow Moonstone, Serpentine, and Strawberry Quartz.

Petco we went-our last stop before our fast food supper. I wanted to get a tag made for Cordelia. Something I always wanted to get done for Bella Mae-but didn't. Simple tag with her name and a phone number-she's never been outside or tried really hard. It makes me feel better tho. I'm still up in the air about microchipping...a little pink heart tag.
I found this fishing pole toy with what will be a squeaky mouse on it...figured it would be worth a shot. If she likes it, seems more durable than the Da Bird feathers :P
Bag of cat litter for less than Norby's (with Pal disc. and dollar off coupon)

We ate at Wendy's....actually perfect since I was all for comfort food.

Cordelia got at her cat nip heart before I had a chance to put it away. She covered it in was really therapeutic to watch her. I got a couple pictures worth posting.

She looks adorable with her little heart tag. My big girl really looks like a big girl now.

Life goes on, so to say. She slept with me last night. I'm sure Bella Mae whispered all the 'Bella Mae's Take-Care-Of-Mommy' tips to her. She slept between my legs. She actually took that over from Bella Mae for some time already-but it felt more...purposeful last night. Like she wasn't sure if she should or not...had to think about it. Then found 'just' the right spot.

We've played this morning-I need to get out of my jammies. Grocery shopping must be done, and I'm hungry...I'm really wishing work would just not happen today. It'll be ok tho.

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