Saturday, March 5, 2011


Cordie as a baby!
The end of my day into night last night was wonderful. I finally got my first hour massage since November (?) *and actually got to get it sooner in the eve. than originally planned*
Then I bought some veggies and sauteed them to make my tortellini more epic.
Got to watch my two Friday night shows on AP, talked to Bill, and went to bed by 10 p.m.

Going to bed early was difficult, and when I just started to fall asleep, Bella threw up.
Not making it easy for me, she decided to not lay on the plastic bag, but threw up on my Tinkerbell blanket (on the couch)
No big deal.

Then she insisted on ok, left her in the bathroom. About 4:30 a.m. Cordelia woke me up. I had to pee. Turns out Bella threw up on her cat bed, but still laid in her cat bed (she's not dirty, thankfully) and she had a good poo in the litterbox. I felt like an ass tho.

Then at about 7:45 a.m. was sweeping the floor, headed toward the bathroom and I heard Bella upchuck again...on the couch, on the towels covering the couch vs. plastic bag she was so good at puking up on before.


Might as well make laundry day #2 worth it, right?

Cordelia Joy is acting like someone slipped her some cat crack. She's being such a pill. (and I say that with love)

Other news, I did see the infamous tabby cat. He/She was eating food when I left to go to my massage.
When I came back, there was an orange tabby cat eating food-this one seemed more friendly, but very cautious. The grey/brown tabby was very scardy-cat.

It's so frustrating...Saturday mornings, there is nothing on t.v. (once the news is over with) I'm watching a terrible b-title movie (cheese factor)

Bella is being very 'needy' and 'mama girl'ish today.

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