Friday, March 4, 2011


How about we re-fill your tooth today?

That's basically what happened. Went in, got x-rays, was examined...x-ray showed no cavity, but picture of tooth suggested otherwise. So got some stuff put on my front tooth again (so it feels like I have a tooth? Granted having the composite on the front tooth; it may have to be replaced I've found out)
My tooth in question-did have a cavity under the filling. So it was re-filled.
I'm finally getting feeling back in my mouth. I really do not want to go to the bank and do banky things with a weird mouth going on. :P
I'm pleased with this dentist. He seems very nice.

Only downside is I hadn't eaten breakfast before hand, so I was very hungry afterwards and couldn't eat because my mouth was all like :\

Yup. :\

Got the dentist bill sent in to the HRA-getting a massage tonight, and that should be reimbursed also.

Cordelia is being a little shit today. She's really wanting to pick on Bella badly, as in wanting to tackle her down, etc.

My box basically collapsed last night due to I found a tote, and that is out there now for the kitty or whatever, that is eating cat food. A mini-hut.

Bella Mae is now on the stove...looking down at Cordelia and calling her 'a little shit'...I know that is exactly what she's saying.

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  1. Ugh to the tooth refilling. At least it's over and done with, though. I hate...dread...going to the dentist. As probably most of us do.

    Oh, kitty dynamics...I miss Annie desperately, but I don't miss the fighting. Even if it weren't financial suicide to adopt again (which it would be), I really don't think I could go through the daily hissing/growling/bullying again.

    Here's to peaceful co-existence!