Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No motivation

Winter '09
I, Josie, have no motivation to work out today. Part of me is wondering if I should allow myself a reprieve or if I should make myself jog for at *least* 5 minutes. Jogging for 5 minutes would at least get some blood pumping. And there are studies somewhere that say exercise during your period will actually make you feel better.

(editor note: I did jog for about 10 minutes)

I've had two very busy days at work (2 and a few hours on Sat.) and today will be busy, tomorrow will be busy. I'm very tired, and I'm having my 'woman time'...to an extent.

I'm actually still feeling well on my meds. I'm just tired-my mood is good tho.

Weather is coming this way, that doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. Snow...yuck. Ground too soft for me to park in the yard right now. Got myself stuck-ish last night....went out afterwards to try and smooth my ruts down. :P
Orange kitty was eating food, orange kitty saw me put more food out.

Bella Mae is on her cat tree. She has not been on her cat tree in a long time. I took some pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet. I'm just...she's on her cat tree! Sleeping on the top. That makes me happy. Makes me sad because I'd like to leave her out...but if I do, she won't have food to eat. Bill will be home today tho (yay!) so he can let her out when he comes home.
He'll have to deal with my slightly restless sleep. I get too warm at night lately.

Also it means Cordelia won't be so mommy-mommy in the morning. I'll kinda miss that...tho I won't miss her being completely needy and wanting all my attention at 5:30 a.m. (maybe)

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