Friday, March 11, 2011

What goes up

Bella Mae '09
must come down.

So...after several days of Bella Mae seeming to be doing pretty good...sleeping on her cat tree and her perch that I brought out to the living room to 'expand' the cat tree...she's been having an upset stomach.

I came home last night and saw her perch without her blanketry. Asked Bill if she threw up, he said she did throw up, threw up a lot. And he hadn't heard just 'happened'.

I think she did it again, actually I know she threw up again but I do not know how bad it looked. She threw up in the bathroom, and I think Bill took it upon himself to clean up the mess, resulting in him kissing me in a hurry as he was probably running behind.

Her blanket was in the laundry hamper, and her litter mat in the tub. I washed all her items this morning, cursing myself for having made plans. I *need* to go visit my dad....I haven't seen him in nearly a month. Being he did pay for almost all my vet assistant course-and being he is, indeed, my dad.

Then I told family friend I'd cut his hair today, then made plans with mum to meet for lunch in town (Waukon, not Decorah)...and now I wish all I had to do was clean litter boxes and stay home.
I get, tho, that Bella wants me to go and visit my family. Probably rather me be away from her so she doesn't have to feel me worry about her.

So, I've been feeding outdoor kitties...that makes me feel kinda warm and fuzzy. Also it's a great way to get rid of food that the kitties (mine) won't eat or I refuse to feed them.
At least doing good for something.

Tomorrow am going to Northfield again to visit Chuck and Don's and visit the downtown. Cordelia Joy's birthday (real birthday) is the 19th...she will be 1! Amazing. Her Gotcha Day isn't until June...but my big girl will be 1...holy crap. I hope I have many, many years of wonderful life with her.

And that darned Fancy Feast commercial 'The Engagement' if you want to Youtube it...makes me all gooey and sappy every time.


  1. Poor Bella Mae. Lots of purrs to her and hugs to you. I wish there was some "magic" cure-all for her. It's so stressful, the health issues. I hope you have a good weekend, with all the visiting.

    Cordelia Joy's b-day...Hope that means extra treats and maybe some nip for her, on the 19th.

    Take care, Josie.