Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and more snow,

how much more fun could I have? Resigning myself to leave most of it for the landlord. Learned my lesson yesterday, and believe me...working 11:30-6 and then some for pet food stuff....all with an arm that hurt with all it's angry arm might. No fun.
Had to wake up many times this morning, Bella Mae decided it would be a puke-fest. I always feel bad, I end up running to her side too late. One of the times she threw up in her kitty bed, all over her blanket. Resulted in pukeypaws. And that provides interest because she hates me touching her paws. I'm not one to want her to suffer with wet and stinky paws.
Then even tho she wanted food, I said no. Half-hour to an hour after giving her SE she threw up again. Head banging against pillow now.
Then when I fully awake later in the early morn, found she had thrown up on the couch at some point. Oooh blessed be the human who goes around cleaning puke in the wee hours of daylight.
Do I wash these two items now or wait until tomorrow or Friday? After pondering some I decided it would be much better to shovel a path to the basement doors and wash the two puke-filled items. I hate smelling kittyfood puke.
I'm going to trek to work on foot again, nothing is very appealing to me right now, but the fact the yard has drifted and I am not wanting to lift that much snow. I must do some crunches tonight. The walking, shoveling, and cold are making me so hungry. I'm sure part of my eating is due to comfort...but I get so frustrated because I feel hungry. I'm more of a nibble here and there, maybe a couple small snacks. Baffled I am.

Well....that is all I know. What a perpetually boring update!


  1. Is she being given anything for the nausea? I'm told that 1/4 of a regular-strength Pepcid (one quarter of a 10 mg pill) will do the trick. I'm trying it with Annie, crushing it up and adding a tiny bit of water, but so far have been unsuccessful in syringing it into her (goes all over her fur and stresses her out greatly). Apparently it's very bitter tasting, though.

    When Annie was at the vet, she got injections of Cerenia for a few days. It's an anti-nausea med, meant for only a few days' use. There ARE other anti-nausea meds for cats, though, that can be given with more frequency.

    Poor Bella Mae!

  2. I've read about Pepcid also, but was never sure how to do it. Pretty much my thing to help with tummy troubles is Slippery Elm, granted not a cure-all, but it does seem to help settle things. Just getting it into her mouth and having her not hate me for 5 minutes!