Monday, February 21, 2011

Senior moments?

I'm wondering if Bella Mae is having bouts of 'Senior-itis' in the sense of memory loss vs. a kid in HS wanting to jump ship.

Stove-jumping is fairly recent, she never did it before when she was feeling more 'active'...and she will sit up there to hear heart's content (forgoing cat trees)...she was going to sleep up on the stove all night I'm sure if I hadn't moved her.

Food-it might be partially because she's trained me to feed her at 2ish in the morning. She seems to want to spend all her time in the friggn' bathroom. We/I have to shut her up so she can eat (or if I'm the only one home and gone all day) but she could've been in there for more than an hour and let out before I get home...and she wants food again.

I gave her moist food this a.m. and shut her...10-15 minutes later I go in to go to the bathroom. She gets out of her kitty bed and starts eating again. I wanted to let her out, not keep her in all damn day.

I'm confused... albeit seems she either is 'training' me, or she's 'forgetting'.

Seeing the dentist on March 4th (a Friday) for an exam-I'm assuming they will x-ray me and look in my mouth. I'm not due for a cleaning yet. Sucks to have to wait that long-embarrassing to say that I may have a cavity. Oh well. The damning part is I do a good job brushing, flossing, etc. and overall have a good set of chompers.

A book I bought at Barnes and Nobel-Home is Where the Cat Is-paintings by Lesley Anne Ivory
Very petty book. Brings out my inner child but yet is sophisticated enough to be adult. (in a non-xxx way!)

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