Sunday, February 20, 2011

Freezing rain, rain, sleet, snow...

after we had 50 degree weather in Iowa we get winterized again.
Bill is home, so he will drive me; plows have been out so roads have been salted, etc. I just question what to do on Monday. If we do get a good amount of snow, I'm not going to want to drive too terribly bad.

Bella Mae has been doing alright-she did throw up today and her stool was a little wonky. I did add some enzyme to her food so I'm hoping that helps. I was a little lax with it previously.

I'm taking some Advil Sinus stuff for my sinus (infection) issues. I'm still exhausted, easily wiped out, etc. When I go to the dr. on Wednesday I'll ask him if I can get the sinus spray prescription sent to WM.
I'm also going to call the dentist on Monday and see when I can get in to see a specific one. I don't think my tooth is THAT bad-I do not have a crater...but I can see what looks like will be a cavity. I'm having discomfort but I think it is accelerated by my sinus problems. Either way...better to get it looked at now rather than wait. I think maybe I have so many problems with that tooth is because I had waited so long on it previously. After I reached a certain age my mum stopped making dental appointments. So I hadn't gone for over 5 years or so...probably 7. When Bill was stationed in SC-we had dental insurance though the Navy. I got my tooth filled and my front teeth...erm...plumped up. (enamel erosion, so he put the composite stuff on them)
Well, not too long afterwards-my filling fell out. I couldn't get it fixed until almost a year later because when we came back to Iowa we didn't have jobs. Frustrating.
Got it basically see that a cavity has formed near the filling? Might as well just remove my frickn' tooth and be done with it. (ok, not really)
but the joys of NOT having dental insurance. Yeah, HRA plans are great...but when you worry the cost of getting it fixed might be more than you can pay-period...then what?
Not due for an actual cleaning yet-but likely they will want to do so. Hate saying, but it's no love lost between my current dentist and myself.

This will likely be a very dead afternoon.

Pirates of the Caribbean (World's End) is on. Ooooh I love Captain Jack. I will have a cat named Captn' Jack.

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