Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not much to say

This is what Bella Mae does when she wants food.
 Sits on the stove.
this morning, other than it's super-duper cold. Drive or not to drive...dangerous wind chills. I suppose I could go out and see if the car will start, then that will determine the route I take. Would be nice, I split a special order of Amy's Roasted Veggie pizzas with a co-worker...I'm not really wanting to carry four frozen pizzas home.

Shared some eggs with the kitty kids, but really Cordelia was the only one to enjoy them. Bella wasn't interested. I got some fun shots of Bella today.

Now from how her stools had been to what they are looking like today-seems a flair up of IBD or she's constipated. So going to try and feed her less of the Sensitive Systems formula food since I think that has more fiber in it-which could probably give the adverse effect of making her stools too much.
Will dose another dose of slippery elm. I go into work later in the afternoon tomorrow, so if no improvement I'll see what I can do.

Well, I think it's time to turn the heat back on. Since it was so cold I think it wouldn't turn off-I felt too warm...I ended up taking a shower this a.m. after my workout simply because I felt...well, gross.

Now I have sleepy kitties...so I'm going to enjoy Hoda and Kathy Lee before I have to go to work. Long day.


  1. Bella Mae is just too adorable. Lots of purrs that you get her system back to "normal" for her, quickly.

  2. Thank you :)

    I'm curious, would a vet be able to tell if a kitty is constipated by feeling her stomach/intestinal area? I've talked to vets about her stools before, and they've never seemed to think looser stools were associated w/ constipation.
    Might not be the case; tips are appreciated.