Monday, February 7, 2011

How did I create

the personality...or...purrsonality...of Cordelia Joy?
Granted, I know a lot of it is of her own-Torties have Tortitude...and she's large, floofy, and still not even a year old (her birthday is next month!!!)
She is crazy (I say that with love) but she is an expert button pusher. She loves to push buttons-I'm finding myself continually re-arranging my book case that is displayed with crystals, minerals, and fossils. She likes to find ways to get herself into potential trouble. Like this weekend I moved my faerie figurines because she thought sharpening her teeth on the ceramic wings was a great idea. Not just great, genius! What better way to get my mom up to play than destroy something pretty?
I have to put velcro strips over the food cabinet door and the cabinet at the base of my book case (toy storage) because she will open those doors.
Her newest joy is pawing and gnawing the velcro strip since it's starting to loose stick-power. So it is 'flappy' and being 'flappy' means she can make noise. Blessed, blessed noise.
I could care less, but she doesn't need to start climbing up book cases!

She also chewed chords at one point, so I bought some electrical tape to fix what could've been damaged due to of thinking.

I'm having about every experience that is not particularly desired with Cordelia Joy. I've had 3 kittens in the past, none of them EVER went to the lengths that Cordelia does to get my attention. Dainty was the first to be mischievous (to my knowledge) she would jump on top of my vcr/dvd player or walk on my computer desk...not such huge things. She was a pro at waking me up a half-hour before I had to wake up.

Cordelia is like that x10
But then she does this really awesome thing, after I lie back down to rest a few extra minutes she'll either lie on me or next to me. Part of helping mommy wake up is she and I have some pet-time together. Being able to just wake up on my own is something I really that few moments makes up for her...oh...jumping on the door-frames and making unwanted noise too early in the a.m.


  1. She and my Nicki would be a pair. Let loose together, they'd endanger the world, I'm sure. :-P

    Thanks for the comments re: Annie...I'm worried sick out of my mind. I know it's hard to make a diagnosis sometimes and it's hit and miss...Sadly, it's been "miss" with Annie, or so it seems. I'm beside myself with worry, working up into full blown panic. How much Gravol (anti-nausea pill for humans!) can I take? :-/

    Anyway, I appreciate the support more than I can say and I hope you have a GOOD day.

  2. My day was alright, but damn! It's so cold! I am at home for a few, Bella is well...leaving her in the bathroom until I'm fully home.
    I'm with you on the miss stuff. Back in April Bella had a spell where she quit eating and drinking. I was given antibiotics, she didn't improve...had to force feed her and force feed fluids. Then she was overnight at the clinic for 2 1/2 days or least the vet was honest and said he had no idea. Just frustrated me tho...since then it's been an uphill battle. Keep on keepn' on.