Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Other news, we had a good poopie today. 


  1. Good poop is cause for a celebration. Seriously! :-)

  2. Does make me worry a little less :)

  3. Ok, first I have to say HI - and how have I not been here and followed you before? I have been looking at your past posts - the recent past, and boy I can relate. I was reading your post from last Thursday and the line about being unsure about what you are doing with the cats, even though you know you are doing what is best, well what you think is best at least, that is just always something I feel too, especially with the older two. And oh the coming home to have to clean up barf - boy that happens here more than I can tell you (Kirzon eats fast and barfs - seems he got that from his older brother and since he is gone now Kirzon has taken the lead on continuing). And with 5 other cats it just makes it an assumption that there will be barf or a hairball somewhere. And Kirzon is an empty stomach barfer too - and since he doesn't like crunchies if his meals are too far apart, well, at least it doesn't bother him and it is usually not too gross. So boy, your blog just hits home with me. So I agree that good poop is a reason to celebrate - you have to take the little things and celebrate them sometimes, even if it is good poop.

    And can I just tell you how darn cute that picture is by the way - just adorable!

  4. Thanks for visiting Amy! I feel I'm just one of those silly bloggers that blends in with the surroundings ;) I started out with intent on writing strictly about the kitties, but it is a little more than just entire life and how they fulfill me.
    Thank you so much for your comment, it makes me feel a lot better :)
    I've never had a senior Dainty-babe lives with 'Grandma' since I feel a movie to the town would be too stressful for her. I do not get to interact with her daily anymore. Really she's never had the health issues that Bella Mae has had.
    Every day that is barf-free and good-poo is a great day.
    She also does the 'empty stomach' barf. That's the main reason I keep her in the bathroom. Not because I'm worried about the bed (close the door) or couch (put a plastic bag on it)...but because if she goes too long without food she barfs as much or worse than she does if she has a barfing episode in general. Can't leave 'kibble crack' out of any it good quality or otherwise...because the youngest will eat it all. She won't eat moist I have to keep her with her food.
    I'm dealing with two extremes...a kitten-soon to be cat, whom has a combination of purrsonality I love and cherish..but also that stresses me out because she's so intense. Then I have my senior cat who has had health issues I'm sure, longer than I've owned her.