Sunday, February 6, 2011

And then a turbulent Sunday...

Cordie was this small...?!
I suppose people who have human kids sometimes feel this way (or even those without kids) just wake up and feel under-appreciated. You get mad because you tried to be good and went to bed early, but your elderly cat needed her 2 a.m. feeding. Then your husband comes home; he never called you and said if he'd be home or not-and claims to feel ill. You are now concerned about the flu-crossing fingers in hopes if it is, it won't get you. Realizing you should've made the trip to the 'Store That Does Stuff'....if nothing else to buy tp and juice.
Then the snoring starts....and when that starts after you've basically been woken up, you cannot go back to sleep. Try and stay in bed-hate saying 'I slept on the couch because of you' but that is what happened. I got up, arranged the two blankets on the couch, a pillow by my feet, and tried to lay in a position that wouldn't bother my arm too much.
Then Bella comes and vomits all over the floor. Watery bile vomit that pretty much looked like something out of a murder film. (but vomit, not blood)
So I cleaned it up, dosed her some SE and tried to go back to sleep.
Meowing and meowing again, I end up having to feed her (how much she ate, not sure) but then when I realized nothing is on t.v. at 6:30 on a Sunday-decided to lie down in bed for a half hour. Bill, by now, was silent.
Then Cordelia REFUSES to let me sleep!
Noise noise noise, knocking crap off Bill's dresser tote, pawing at the door, etc. everything she can do because she knows I'm not *really* asleep.
I love her to bits, but I wish I could get the concept to her that I need her to give me some TIME!
I'm in no mood to do anything if I'm tired, let alone grumpy.
And I'm grumpy more because I'm not understanding WHY Bella vomited twice, and why I can't make everything better for her...I'm the only one to clean it up. (Because I'm the one that is home the most)
It takes a toll on you...dealing with a cat with health's basically taking care of a relative/child/parent who does. But not only does that person wake you up at 2 a.m. for feedings, but also they go though good days and bad days. No answers, just cries for food, then violent vomiting.
Then you will have the questions from your other half 'what are you feeding her? What did you do? Stop giving her so much of this stuff, you don't know if it helps or not'

I'd like to have him step in my shoes for a week. Lack of sleep, sadness, and just utterly thankful that he gets to experience more of the good days than the bad.

I'm frustrated too because I have no idea how today will go, I'm having anxiety-hooray anxiety!
My stomach isn't very interested in food-but I'm making cinnamon pancakes. I should have an egg or some meat for protein, but I'm not at all interested in either option.

Enough of my whining, boo-hooing, and just grumpiness in general.


  1. Hope the day gets better for you.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Thank you Max, my day has gotten better :) At least I can sit and enjoy some pizza and beer ^_^

    I could care less about the Superbowl, but I do like the commercials. Also it's a nice time to read your book!