Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, nothing happened...

So, still feeling some anxiety, but I'll dose myself with some flower essences and do my best to keep my head held high.
The land of mischievous kitty really. Cordelia Joy is thinking that the pen I have on my planner must taste really awesome. Last night she was close to destroying one of my mechanical pencils. Great...either need her to consume the eraser or some of the pencil lead.
Bella Mae is doing alright, she is eating and seemingly more active. One benefit of the snow for SW Iowa and otherwise South...Bill is home today. I can leave her out, not having to shut her in the bathroom so she can eat when she likes.
I my workout now before Bill gets up (again). Even if he's home, I've got to make myself do it...because that can't be an excuse anymore.

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