Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The kitties two are

in bed together. Not cuddled among each other tho, but in the same room and behaving themselves.
A friend suggested Cordelia was going thorough cabin fever. So I'm going to have to make sure I regularly set aside play time with her. I have been, but more. I'm also going to incorporate more flower essences. Anything...anything to try and calm her down a little! I know she is a kitten, but my blood pressure raises when she gets into doing too many naughty things.

Frustrated also, because the electric heat in here is flippn' nuts. I was almost sweating this a.m. because it was too warm. Now I have a chill because I turned the heat down. I can't get a good 'happy medium' and that is frustrating.

Let me see, my mum also called me today...three times...two were when  my phone had shut itself off. Result? Two voicemails of my mum in semi-fake panic...did I die? Was I outside laying prone on the ice? Fallen and can't get up? Mad at her? Ignoring her? What did she do wrong? How could I do this to her? etc.

I about pissed myself from laughing. Seriously? Calm down!

Work later, I should have some chocolate while I'm here at some money.

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