Friday, January 7, 2011

Today was a sad day...

had my cup of coffee (good), worked out (good), and proceeded to toast up a breakfast burrito I had gotten for free last night at work (good).
Then, I thought I'd make it easy on myself and cut it up...I used too much pressure at some point in this endeavor and made the plate flip up and over the counter...burrito caressing my pant leg...burrito finding love with the floor.
I looked down at the mess I had un-intentionally created. I felt sick (due to my lack of food in my gut) and I felt extremely pissed off (due to my moment of immaturity, banging the cupboard, tossing my dishes into the sink, and subsequently kicking the trash can into the cubby where it came from.)
Ok...that tantrum vs. what I would've had in the past paled. Mainly I was angry because I needed food 10 minutes ago.
Luckily I had another free burrito. I decided the food gods didn't want me to have meat in my diet this morning. So they destroyed what would've been consumed by  my ravenous being...instead, made me summon up all the perseverance I had so I could toast the vegetarian option burrito.
Now that my hunger has been sated, I can go about my day with a little more peace.

My books come today! I'm so excited! Basically after Days of Our Lives today I'm going to book it on some of the activities for my course. Happy day.
Wash the blanket that was on the couch...unless...maybe it can wait until laundry day....we'll see.
Must go buy coffee, beer, and water today. Essentials! And at some point I want to do another work-out. So....yup. That's my goal of the day.


  1. Sorry you had a bad day :( Hope the weekend is better! :)

  2. Day (rest of it) turned out pretty good! I got 100% on my first two assignments for my course. Wootwoot!
    And the books even came early...there is a UPS man who drives around town here....I think he's almost insane. ADD-ish...I remember him from a previous job. It sounded like he almost ripped my door off to deliver the books. :P