Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And...if ya'll can help me out on this one...

I need M to the otv to the ivation!

I kinda start working out, then I fell ill, and then I kind of forgot about it. I've been smoke free for approx. 5 months now and frankly...I've put on weight these past years. I hate admitting that it is likely due to my not 'practicing' my eating disorder....which after I started to date Bill I gradually weaned myself away from bulimic tendencies. Then having birth control issues, etc. weight gradually crept up on me. I think because I let myself eat like a human being, didn't throw up, and stress...stress likely contributed also.
So...taking away a vice of mine, which the only reason I stuck with smoking so long was so I wouldn't practice my bulimia.

This year, since I'm making positive changes and becoming involved with projects that I give a damn about...and that I'm in another wedding and would like to feel slightly less tight in the dress I'll wear. I want to motivate myself to work out for at the very LEAST 15 minutes a day; Monday-Friday. I have a basic work-out routine that is easily done so I can enjoy a t.v. show while I make myself do something for my physical well-being.

If one of you, all of you, or anyone cares to give me a poke in the rear on this, I'd appreciate it. :) I'll try to make my next blog entries say something about what I accomplished. I have a separate planner that is completely devoted to 'GO ME!' class, volunteering projects, and working out.

I want this year to basically take time every day to prove to myself that I AM worth it.
Go me!


  1. You are worth it! Way to go Josie! Health and fitness isn't always easy. I am quitting smoking as well as of January 30! We can push each other to work out then! :)