Thursday, January 27, 2011

My poor head

still is hurting. I'm thinking I might have a head cold or some kind of sinus infection. Either way my appetite is decreased. Not really hungry, or I'm battling nausea. I'm exhausted, and even with the humidifier my face and head simply feel like someone kicked me.
Otherwise I'm fine...just that the one thing I need in working order to make my day run smoothly is mocking me.

Well, seems every time I mention Bella eating well I get a gift of vomit some hours later. So I need to remind myself it is not worth being happy over. It's something, like everything else around her, that is limited at times. I do not get as disappointed if I anticipate a happy tummy every day. Just appreciate the times I experience her having a happy tummy. It's not fun tho, being jolted awake over the humidifier to the sound of retching.

Downside of this is I'm worried she will now shun the case of food I bought her (due to her eating it with gusto)
because she threw up after eating some of it this a.m.
Moist food for Bella is like hunting for a needle in a haystack. To find something she will accept and eat with pleasure is pretty much impossible. I found it, now have to wonder if it wasn't meant to be.

I have to give my hubby credit. He does care about Bella...but when he's not here and shoots out or basically says it's because I gave her 'this or that' when I actually haven't given it to her for a few days (a detox blend supplement I ordered from work specifically for pets)...oooh, just give her food and that antacid stuff (SE) you WERE home you'd know I HAD not been giving the detox blend to her because of her vomiting episodes. (even tho I think she needs it...a happy tummy that accepts food is more important)

I am getting a specifically for cats pro-biotic/dietary supplement thing.....hopefully today. Hopefully it will help make her tummy happy. From Dr. Goodpet....
and maybe my Feline Wellness magazine will be in!
Or I need to just order it.

Other news-ankle feels better!

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  1. We're sending you and Bella lots of healing purrs! Even when a cat is well, typically they shun the food you have just stocked up on. LOL.